Suu JSC first introduced central system for milk preparation and work with over 2500 herders and farmers around Ulaanbaatar city, Tuv, Darkhan, Selenge, Orkhon and Khentii provinces and we deliver ecologically pure products to our customers.

In 2018 we purchased 19.5-million-liter milk from herders and farmers with 17.8 billion MNT and produced products and supplied the citizens with milk and dairy products. 

We operate milk gathering unit and refrigerator units in every direction to keep quality of our main raw material milk, decrease steps and save time in every stage. 

We organize quality milk production, veterinary and hygiene trainings among herders and farmers every year to improve milk production and quality and increase capacities of our suppliers. Recent years we have been organizing “Best supplier conference” and “Regional training and support” among our suppliers for each sector. 


In 2017 411 tonnes of bran was delivered to 780 suppliers 

Livestock feed supplying

Number of participating suppliers 

Best supplier conference