Figure: OHSAS18001 Labor Safety management guidelines was introduced successfully into our operation in 2017

Quality management

We are delighted to be able to meet the demands of ever-growing population by continuously introducing world-class technology and building a fully automated modern factory. A proof of this is introduction of the ISO 9001 quality management system, an international quality standard with the highest criteria and we were accredited 8 times in total. We have established, documented, implemented, maintained the quality management framework in accordance with the requirements of this Standard and are working to improve effects continuously. 

We have 235 milk and dairy production facilities, 72 refrigeration centers and employ 1238 employees nationwide. The capacity of milk processing industry is 928 million liters per year and current capacity utilization is 8-10 percent. 

Processed milk and dairy production amounted to 63.3 million liters in 2016 and 81.2 million liters in 2017 which is up by 28 percent compared to previous year. 

Quality and Laboratory Unit ensures chemical and microbiological quality control of raw milk that is the main raw material of the factory at every stage of production from procurement at herders and farmers to production and packaging

As a result of introducing ISO 17025 standard in 2000, the laboratory has become second accredited in the food production laboratories. The Laboratory conducts 11 chemical and 13 microbiological parameter tests for over 20 different types of milk and dairy products including milk, yogurts, sour cream, butter, ice-cream, curd, dried curd and milk powder.

23 different types of accredited equipment and measuring instruments are used for testing in chemical laboratory and 14 different types in microbiological laboratory.