Here is a simple yet important advice for you to store milk that is an essential daily nutrient correctly and consume fresh. You can consume your milk fresh if you follow below three simple rules.

  1. Pick out the milk at the end of your grocery run. If selected milk, try not to hold the milk for an extended period. Because milk loses its coolness state in very short amount of time.  
  2. When you store your milk in the refrigerator, do not store on the door side but store inside of the fridge. Keep in mind that the temperature of the door is always fluctuating when you open and close your fridge. 
  3. Milk must be store at the right temperature /+2 – +4 degree/ for 10-14 days since the production date until its expiration. During this period milk contains vitamins and microorganisms that are beneficial for health and your milk will be fresh and safe.

Keep in mind

When it is not stored properly and expired, beneficial microorganisms disappear, and milk is spoiled and has rotten smell and taste. Every member of family should put back the milk into refrigerator after pouring into their glasses. If you can do this, you and your family can enjoy fresh milk with vitamins every day. 

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