Today food consumption trend has changed; consumers are more leaning toward natural fresh and organic products. Milk and dairy products produced by SUU JSC fall under the organic category. Since milk is abundant in calcium and protein it is a healthy product that supplies your family’s need for vitamin D and promotes bones and muscles. By drinking at least 200 gr milk a day daily essential vitamins such as calcium, vitamin D, protein, phosphorus and other nutrition that enhances blood flow are supplied.  

As we have pasteurized Mongolian cow milk at high temperature and packed for our customers, milk can be drunk directly or used without need for reprocessing. 

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have proven that milk reduces the risk of diabetes. Milk, yogurt and butter contains transpermitolinine acid that is not naturally produced in human body and it can help reduce health risk by up to 60 percent. We recommend you drink milk every morning for your health.

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