Although we know that calcium is especially beneficial for children’s growth and bone strengthening, we do not know how this element serves us. We will provide clear and brief information for our readers now.  

What is calcium’s role? 

Calcium neutralizes toxic acid in human body, and it is important for creating links between human cells. This links is important for ability to resist cancer. Moreover, the more calcium you store when you are young the longer you can keep your youth. 

How to take calcium? 

Firstly, it is important to supply body with easily absorbed carbohydrate and oxygen. Because calcium requires vast amount of energy to be absorbed into body. Using high fat milk /curd/ and various different nuts daily can prevent from tooth pain and debris as they are high in calcium. When you are taking calcium from your daily nutrition, be aware to refrain from food that are high in phosphorus as it has adverse reaction. 

Benefits of calcium 

Using calcium regularly in daily life can benefit eyesight, cardiovascular activity. 99% of calcium we take directly goes into our bones and teeth, and when body is in calcium deficiency it takes calcium from bones and teeth. 

What are the symptoms of calcium deficiency?

Special symptoms of calcium deficiency are bones are broken easily, regular headache, numbness in hand and feet, sensitive and easily breakable nails and head spinning. However human body has marvelous ability to adjust itself. Although we receive calcium from our everyday food, when constantly use it in our body. Therefore, it is important to regularly use beneficial food that are nutritious and high in calcium and magnesium. 

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