To deliver traditional dairy culture into modern consumption.


To Serve Mongolian milk and dairy products to the world.


Nowadays, as milk and dairy products become major part of food consumption, dairy production per capital has become one of the key indicators of national development. Suu JSC, one of the first producers of Mongolia have been producing and delivering over 70 different types of ecological products not only to consumers in the city but also to countryside for the past 61 years. We thrive to diversify and enrich our product range to comply with the different ages of consumers and their lifestyles. 

To meet the growing need of our customers, Suu JSC produces pure Mongolian milk with modern processing technology and eco-friendly packaging.  

According to the Mongolian Law on Food, Strategic Food refers to livestock meet, Mongolian milk, cereals, wheat, flour and potable water that are suitable for physiological needs of Mongolian people. 

In order to provide the people with high quality Mongolian milk and dairy products that also meets hygienic standard, we receive our milk from doorsteps of our over 2500 suppliers during four seasons even in extreme weather condition and transport it to produce healthy ecological product and supply market as a leader in the food industry.